Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Call for Participants

I am currently looking for more participants to help with a project, which I am very excited about. If you choose to participate, I will send you a yard or so of printed fabric. What you do with this fabric is up to you. If you think it needs to turn into a shirt, turn it into a shirt. If it needs to be a bookcover, make it a bookcover. If you think it would live a fulfilled life as toilet paper, I want you to turn it into toilet paper. This project is about YOUR response to imagery generated by me.

If you are interested:

-Comment on this post, or email me at Please include the address the fabric should be sent to.
-Wait patiently for fabric!
-Turn your fabric into something new.
-Document your new object "in its home." (If the fabric is now a pillow, take a picture of your couch. If it "lives" outside, take a picture of it outside.)
-Email your documentation to me at

I appreciate your interest and hope you choose to participate. I will provide all fabric and costs (although donations are happily welcomed), so it shouldn't cost you more than a bit of your time.

Happy Crafting!

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