Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Cradle Project

The Cradle Project (www.thecradleproject.org) was an initiative designed to recognize the estimated 48 million orphaned children in sub-Saharan Africa. Project founders challenged the 555 participating artists from around the globe to create a cradle out of recycled materials. The response helped not only in gaining widespread awareness, but also raised over $90,000 to feed, house, and educate the orphans.

"We believe that if we can see enough potential in a piece of scrap to make a structure which cradles a child, why can we not see that much potential in our world’s forgotten children. Empty cradles speak for themselves. Juxtaposed to these cradles will be a wall of slowly falling sand, symbolizing how these lives, these cradles, this potential, will all be buried and never realized."

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