Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stop Animation with Digital Cameras

Today, I would like to share a tutorial for making a quick and easy
animation. You will need a digital camera, and access to QuickTime
Player. To download QuickTime, visit:

1. Set up your "studio". It is important to take all of your photographs
on a consistent background, so think about laying down a table cloth

or setting up on a rug of some sort. I set up my camera using a tripod,
so I didn't have to worry about my animation being TOO jumpy.
2. Start taking pictures! Move your object/s slightly, take a picture,
and repeat, repeat, repeat. It is important to take a lot of pictures. In
my animation, I used about 120-140 pictures, resulting in a 20 second
3. Upload your photos. Do not change the file names after uploading!
This is very important, as a change in the name can change the order
of your pictures. Make sure your pictures are in a folder of their own.
4. Open QuickTime Player. Under the File menu, click Open Image
Sequence. Find the folder of your pictures on your hard drive, and
select the first photo. Click Open.
5. The Image Sequence Setting box will pop up, where you will specify
the frame rate. For an animation, anywhere between 10 and 15 frames
per second works well.
6. When you have a frame rate you are happy with, use the File menu
to Save As.

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